WIC Program World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations


awards table for breastfeeding moms breastfeeding bulletin board
 Awards table for breastfeeding moms Bulletin board featuring famous breastfeeding moms
breastfeeding week gift table 
 Gift table with donated gifts for WIC clients

Indiana Health Center’s WIC  Program hosted several special events for World Breastfeeding Week, August 18th to 15th.  There were events at Kokomo, Logansport, Marion, Noblesville, and Frankfort.  Lora Burke-Mulkey, WIC Program Manager, shared the following about these celebrations:

The theme was “Breastfeeding: a ‘Reel’ Life Experience.”

WIC staff decorated with a Hollywood flair, with red, gold and black decorations.  Our moms were greeted as they walked down a “Red Carpet”.  There was a back drop for photographs, complete with hats, boas and gloves.   All the photographs were taken by a professional photographer who donated her services.  The mothers who attended will be sent her own photograph to commemorate the event!  Refreshments were served that had been donated by Panera, McDonalds, Subway, and staff members.  The Frankfort clinic also served ice cream that was donated by staff.  There were gold trophy “awards” to give to our moms who have nursed longer than six months, as well as door prizes and gifts for the attendees, all donated. 

The WIC program is often misperceived as a “formula” program.  In reality, though, WIC promotes, teaches, supports, and believes in breastfeeding, which benefits mother/baby health.

Special thanks to Lora and the entire WIC staff for all of their donations and hard work that made World Breastfeeding Week a great success!  Click here to learn more about IHC’s WIC program.