Patient Services

missionIndiana Health Centers, Inc. (IHC) provides consumer-driven health and health-related services. We are a private, non-profit 501c3 charitable organization established to help all in need with primary health and health-related services.IHC’s governing board has a majority of IHC clients, representing WIC, Migrant, Homeless, and Community Client populations.

Over all the years of IHC’s services, our clients have decided which communities and populations IHC will target. The consumers decide the scope of services provided and the hours of operation.

IHC has responded to a call-to-action from both vulnerable populations and communities. IHC has built a comprehensive organization of governance, policy, compliance, monitoring, management and accountability for high-quality, people-responsive health services.

The IHC model is scalable for additional communities. While IHC has this strong and dynamic infrastructure, IHC relies on communities of consumers and leaders to tailor the local variables to accommodate its local customs and values.