PPACA changes lead to opportunities at IHC

Indiana Health Centers, Inc. was recently awarded a Federally-funded grant to support community education surrounding PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) healthcare changes. As a result, IHC has hired Bilingual Outreach Enrollment Assistants (OEAs) at each of our clinic sites. Our OEAs work in our clinics and throughout their communities to education consumers on the new healthcare changes effective October 1, 2013. Each OEA holds two certifications – Certified Application Counselor through the Federal government, and Indiana Navigator Certification through the state.


Josette Deluna, Outreach Enrollment Assistant at IHC Marion, says that she tries to help people understand the truth behind PPACA. “A lot of people don’t have the correct information,” she explains. “They are going off of what they see on TV and what people tell them, so I try to answer their questions based on what the new law actually says.” Josette has assisted consumers at town hall meetings and community events, as well as at the clinic in Marion. After meeting with consumers, “I feel a little better that they feel better about the Marketplace,” Josette says.

Outreach Enrollment Assistants help consumers make decisions based on their personal healthcare coverage options. They answer questions about issues such as the differences between Medicaid and the Marketplace and the distinguishing characteristics of each plan level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). They are local experts, helping citizens navigate the sometimes confusing path to affordable healthcare through PPACA. If you are interested in more information about their options in the newly formed Healthcare Exchanges, please call one of our sites to make an appointment with an OEA. Even if you’re not currently an IHC patient, our OEAs will be able to assist you.

In July, CNN journalist Jen Christensen spoke with IHC’s CEO, Elvin Plank, as well as South Bend consumer board member Earl Lane, about IHC’s services related to PPACA. Below is a link to that article.