Health center staff contributes to IHC’s book drive

Over the past few months, Indiana Health Centers, Inc. staff across multiple locations have come together with a common goal: to provide quality children’s books to our patients and their families in an effort to stimulate reading skills in our at-risk populations.

Our reading initiative is two-fold: first, we want to develop waiting room “libraries” at each of our clinic sites so that families can use their wait time to read together.  To achieve this, we are accepting donations of new or gently-used children’s books at each of our locations.  The second part of our plan is a collaboration with our physicians, who will provide an age-appropriate children’s book to children and their parents during well-child visits.  These books will be purchased by IHC, and we are accepting monetary donations to purchase them.  If you’re interested in making a donation to a very worthy cause, please click here.  Just write “Reading” in the box titled “Reason for Donation.”  For more information about this program please contact Kelly Rochford.

Special thanks to Lora Burke-Mulkey, WIC Program Manager, and Nemramy D’Agostino, Outreach Enrollment Assistant (both pictured below), who helped spearhead this project at IHC Kokomo.  This is a lofty goal, and we couldn’t do it without our dedicated, mission-focused employees!


 L Burke book donations  Nemy bookcase  L Burke book donations2