Clinic Nurse Supervisor

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The Clinic Nurse Supervisor contributes to IHC’s mission and goals of client satisfaction, quality of care, and productivity by providing quality nursing care to clients. The Clinic Nurse Supervisor works with the clinic staff and providers to ensure the day-to-day operation of the clinic is efficient and productive.



Knowledge of professional nursing, public health, and primary care concepts, principles, and methods together with extended clinical experience. Knowledge permits the employee to complete recurring assignments by applying well-established principles, to carry out process improvement projects, and to coordinate work with others.



  • Prepares medical and immunization histories.
  • Takes and records vital signs and other physical data.
  • Makes nursing assessment of patient’s conditions.
  • Follows standing orders in dispensing medications.
  • Prepares patients for examination by the physician.
  • Assists physician in examining room.
  • Makes referrals as appropriate and necessary.



  • Supervises para-professional nursing employees.
  • Supervises other clinic employees in the absence of the Program Nurse and Clinic Manager.
  • Serves as nurse-in-charge at evening clinics.
  • Sets work tasks for other nursing personnel.
  • Supervises and participates in the preparation of accurate client medical records.
  • Provides orientation to subordinates.
  • Completes job reviews for subordinates.




Leadership –Able to: share compelling vision and direction; build strong, engaged, and empowered teams; drive and foster IHC mission, vision, and values; drive productivity and achieve results; follow standard problem solving process; make data-driven, evidenced-based decisions; hold others accountable for performance.


Strategic Planning –Able to:

  • Apply originality, initiative, and ingenuity to day-to-day and near-term operations.
  • Develop team goals, objectives, and action plans.


Logic and analysis – Able to:

  • Demonstrate analytical problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic mathematics.    


Communication and Relationship Building –Able to:

  • Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Effectively communicate with diverse individuals.
  • Resolve conflicts; negotiate to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Persuade, and /or influence others that he/she does not directly supervise.
  • Cooperate with a multi-disciplinary management team.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships.


Public Health Nursing – Able to:

  • Demonstrate specialized knowledge of current theory and practice of public health nursing.
  • Apply practical knowledge of the principles and practices of clinic operation and management.
  • Demonstrate skill in the use of standard medical examination instruments and equipment.
  • Develop and implement procedures according to general instructions and protocols.
  • Demonstrate high detail orientation and accuracy.
  • Juggle multiple requests and meet multiple deadlines.
  • Take initiative and needs minimal supervision.


Administration and Management –Able to:

  • Participate as a member of the Local Management Team (LMT).
  • Demonstrate effective supervisory skills, including recruiting, teaching, coaching, mentoring, disciplining, and professionally developing.
  • Administer HR policies and practices fairly.
  • Develop high performing work teams and maintain a team approach to problem solving .
  • Prioritize and organize tasks and time; follow up with subordinates, superiors, and peers.  


  • Proficient in computer skills, including typing and use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, eCW, etc.



Nursing degree from an accredited school of nursing. Registered as a nurse or a licensed practical nurse in the state of Indiana with 3+ years of experience in nursing, with some of that experience supervising others. Spanish language skills preferred.