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The Clinic Physician contributes to IHC’s mission and goals of client satisfaction, quality of care, and productivity by providing continuity and acute medical care to IHC patients with an emphasis on preventive care.
Evaluation of performance
Performance will be evaluated based on meeting specific goals, productivity measures, employee satisfaction scores, and other quality indicators for this position such as: IHC strategic objectives; site strategic objectives; functional capabilities; leadership and/or employee capabilities; IHC commitments, quality measures, and productivity measures.
Application of knowledge
Knowledge of the professional theories, concepts, and techniques of clinical and administrative management in an ambulatory, community health care setting; requires the knowledge, skills, and abilities to recommend and develop new FQHC care delivery models and to lead strategic projects. Knowledge permits the employee to identify and solving medical care problems, specifically safety, quality, delivery, and cost, that may require use of new methods.
Medical Care:
 Provides general medical care consistent with, but not limited to, the IHC health care plan to all ambulatory, hospital based and nursing home-based IHC clients
 Assists Site Medical Director with the development if IHC health maintenance schedules and practice guidelines
 Acts as preceptor or mentor for mid-level practitioners or those in training for certification
 Provides on-call services with other local providers within the community, as appropriate
 Serves on one or more IHC committees, as appropriate
 Fulfills contractual obligations agreed upon as a provider within contracted primary care delivery systems
 Follows HIPAA and OSHA standards for medical care providers.
Job controls and complexity
Receives overall goals, objectives, priorities, and deadlines; recommends and implements new processes and practices based on new or emerging methods in primary care. Processes and procedures vary from one assignment to the next, although assignments are related in function and objective. Based on assignment, the Physician must use diverse but conventional methods, techniques, or approaches. Work has a controlling impact in day-to-day operation of medical services within the medical clinic and involves teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Work affects the IHC’s medical services program in a substantial and demonstrable way; influences IHC operations; and impacts many clients needing these services.
Nature and purpose of contacts
Unstructured contacts with patients, IHC leadership, dental and medical providers, etc. Influences and persuades others through debate, expertise, and authority with people who may be skeptical, resistant to change, or have divergent views.
Critical skills and behaviors
Logic and analysis – Able to:
 Gather, organize, and analyze information and data
 Perform initial problem-solving; draw initial evidenced-based conclusions
 Accurately perform mathematic calculations.
Communication and Relationship Building –Able to:
 Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication, strong interpersonal skills and ability to interact with a wide variety of patients, including children
 Effectively communicate with a variety of individuals at a variety of educational levels.
 Maintain effective working relationships with diverse others
 Able to work well in a team environment and as part of a team
 Resolve conflict Medical – Able to:
 Demonstrate knowledge of current theory and practice of primary care medicine as practiced in the United States
 Demonstrate strong community health orientation including sensitivity to cultures represented in populations served by IHC
 Demonstrate ability to work cooperatively with a multidisciplinary clinical team utilizing a balanced approach to health care issues by including perspectives of business, administrative and medical disciplines
 Able to maintain balance between delivery of quality services and revenue expectations  Support, consult with, and train other medical providers on techniques and tools  Conduct evaluations on the effectiveness of existing methods and procedures  Changes existing clinic procedures based on new or emerging primary care methods Work Product – Able to:
 Juggle and meet multiple requests & deadlines
 Maintain high detail orientation and accuracy
 Prioritize, organize tasks and time, and follow up.
 Perform responsibilities efficiently and timely.
 Take initiative and need little supervision.
Process Improvement – Able to:
 Anticipate and alert others to problems with projects, processes, or procedures
 Perform and coach others on standard work relating to quality and compliance
 Recognize and suggest alternate methods or processes the may need improving
 Participate in performance improvement activities.
Technology – demonstrate proficient computer skills, including keyboard and use of Microsoft programs and use of electronic medical records and software (eCW)
Experience, education, degrees, licenses
Unlimited license to practice medicine in the State of Indiana. Board eligible. Board Certification preferred. Admitting privileges at one ore more local area hospitals.
Physical demands and work environment
Work is considered moderately strenuous with moderate risk. Clinic Physician may stand for long periods and is required to use special gear or clothing (latex gloves, etc.) due to potential risk from chemicals and/or diseases.