Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

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DESCRIPTION OF WORK:               

The Dental Assistant contributes to IHC’s mission and goals of client satisfaction, quality of care, cost competitiveness, and performing basic dental procedures to increase the Dentists’ productivity. The Dental Assistant ensures that the dental treatment room and all instruments are sterilized and maintained, performs expanded laboratory procedures including pouring impressions and preparing casting models and ensures inventory control and management.



Requires knowledge of principles and procedures associated with providing a limited range of tasks in dental health care; knowledge permits the Dental Assistant to carry out a variety of interrelated tasks and recurring assignments.


Patient Care:

  • Schedules and confirms appoints and assists patient to the examination room.
  • Conveys information to the patient and provider; completes/updates dental and medical history of the patient; completes dental charting.
  • Assists the dentist in providing dental treatment: takes and develops dental x-rays; removes surgical sutures; places topical medications; applies topical fluoride treatments; takes impressions and bite registrations; applies pit and fissure sealants.
  • Places and removes periodontal dressings, orthodontic ligature ties, orthodontic separators.
  • Adapts temporary crowns; removes excess cement from fabricated restorations and orthodontic bands.Laboratory, Charting and Supply Maintenance:
  • Sterilizes, prepares, and maintains dental instruments, supplies, equipment, and rooms.
  • Transfers appropriate instruments to dental treatment rooms for specialized procedures.
  • Prepares dental materials, cements, amalgam, composite, impression materials, etc.
  • Completes medical and laboratory supply inventories; orders materials, as needed.
  • Prepares and sends specialized lab cases and paperwork to external laboratory for processing.
  • Pours impressions to make stone or plaster models; models trimming; fabricates mouth guards, temporary crown, custom impression trays; orthodontic retainers and other appliances; preparing casting models and dies.Logic and analysis – Able to:
  • Think logically and analytically; gather, organize, and analyze information and data.
  • Perform initial problem-solving; draw initial evidenced-based conclusions.
  • Accurately perform mathematic calculations.

Communication and Relationship Building –Able to:

  • Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication, strong interpersonal skills and ability to interact with a wide variety of patients, including children.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with a diverse group of co-workers.

·        Work well in a team environment and as part of a team.

  • Demonstrate positive customer service skills.


Dental Assisting– Able to:

·         Demonstrate and apply knowledge of expanded dental assisting methods and practices in a clinical setting.

·         Demonstrate understanding of patient screening, charting, and medical history procedures and documentation.

·         Demonstrate understanding and proper application of expanded dental assisting knowledge, methods, and practices in a clinical setting.

·         Demonstrate knowledge of basic dental surgery and associated procedures, terminology and techniques.

·         Demonstrate knowledge of specialized terminology related to dental documentation and electronic medical records systems.

·         Demonstrate ability to apply, set up, and prepare dental equipment and instrumentation in accordance with regulations and guidelines.

·         Demonstrate mastery of the administrative practices, policies, and regulations related to dental records, primarily HIPPA.

  • Support, consult with, and train on dental techniques and tools.
  • Conduct initial evaluation on the effectiveness of existing methods and procedures.
  • Recommend changes to existing clinic procedures based on new or emerging dental hygiene procedures or practices.


Work Product – Able to:

  • Juggle and meet multiple requests & deadlines even under time or task pressure.
  • Maintain high detail orientation and accuracy.
  • Prioritize, organize tasks and time, and follow up.
  • Perform responsibilities efficiently and timely.
  • Take initiative and need little supervision. Process Improvement – Able to:
  • Recognize and suggest alternate methods or processes that may need improving.
  • Participate in performance improvement activities.


Technology – Able to:

·         Demonstrate proficient computer skills, including ability to use electronic health records and software (eCW); keyboarding skills.



Graduation from a recognized Dental Assistant program; current Radiography license.  Expanded Functions certificate.