Clinic Nurse

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DESCRIPTION OF WORK:               

The Clinic Nurse contributes to IHC’s mission and goals of client satisfaction, quality of care, cost competitiveness, and productivity by maintaining proper inventories of medications and properly dispensing them to clients. The Clinic Nurse is an important part of the IHC Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) team.  The Clinic Nurse works with the Nurse Manager/Clinic Nurse Supervisor and clinic providers to reinforce patient education during the process of medication distribution. 


Evaluation of performance Performance will be evaluated based on meeting specific goals, productivity measures, employee satisfaction scores, and other quality indicators for this position such as:  IHC strategic objectives; site strategic objectives; functional capabilities; leadership and/or employee capabilities; IHC commitments, quality measures, and productivity measures.

Application of knowledge Clinic Nurse requires knowledge of detailed processes, methods, and techniques, as well as practical knowledge of a primary and public health area. Knowledge permits the employee to schedule and carry out the steps of a treatment or examination or to complete important steps of a procedure.

    • Orders, inventories and is responsible for medication room supplies.
    • Responsible for proper dispensing of medications to clients.
    • Functions as support team member for providers by reinforcing patient education.
    • Assists providers with Chronic Disease management.
    • Maintains positive professional relationship with pharmaceutical vendors.
    • Participates in the preparation and maintenance of accurate client medical records.
    • Performs related work as required.
    • Follows HIPAA and OSHA standards.
    • Performs other work assignments related to licensure requirements.
    • Assesses patients’ unmet health and social needs.

Job controls and complexity The Clinic Nurse carries out work with minimal supervisory direction (i.e., the supervisor sets only goals, priorities and deadlines) and modifies guidelines that do not cover all situations and problems.  Supervisor provides direction on methods only for unprecedented work. Processes and procedures vary from one assignment to the next, although assignments are related in function and objective.  Based on assignment, the Clinic Nurse must use diverse but conventional methods, techniques, or approaches. Work affects accuracy, reliability, or acceptability of further processes or services.

Critical skills and behaviors           Logic and analysis – Able to: 

  • Demonstrate analytical problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic mathematics  
  • Communication and Relationship Building –Able to:
  • Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication and strong interpersonal skills
  • Effectively communicate with diverse individuals
  • Persuade and/or influence others
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with other team members
  • Resolve conflicts and negotiate to achieve desired outcomesPublic Health Nursing – Able to:
  •  Demonstrate considerable knowledge of current theory and practice of public health nursing
  • Demonstrate skill in the use of standard medical examination instruments and equipment
  • Perform nursing-related procedures of varying degrees of difficulty
  • Maintain accurate electronic medical records
  • Plan and administer nursing-related work of a complex nature
  • Demonstrate high detail orientation and accuracy
  • Juggle multiple requests and meet multiple deadlines
  • Take initiative and needs minimal supervision Administration and Management –Able to:
  • Participate as a member of a high-performing work team
  • Maintain a team approach to problem solving
  • Prioritize and organize tasks and time; take initiative with little supervision
  • Telephone Triage for hospital follow up appointments and same-day appointments
  • Referral management
  • Management of medication refill Requests
  • Prior authorizations for medications

Able to prioritize, organize tasks and time, and follow up. Takes initiative and needs little supervision. Completes other duties as assigned.

 Qualifications Graduation from an accredited school of nursing; RN license in the state of Indiana.

 Physical demands and work environment Work is considered moderately strenuous with some lifting of 30 to 50 pounds, walking and/or standing for long periods of time. Moderate risk requires special mitigating precautions and/or protective gloves, mask or clothing due to potential risk form chemicals and diseases. Must be able to operate standard office machinery, including a computer, keyboard, telephone, etc.