100% discounts on office visits for eligible patients at all IHC locations!

The new “NO FEE” rate change helps the area’s underserved and uninsured, hit hard by recession

New policy is implemented statewide at all Indiana Health Center locations

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 20, 2010) – Effective immediately, Indiana Health Centers, Inc. (IHC), the state’s largest and oldest network of federally qualified community health centers, will now provide health and dental care visits at no charge for clients who are at or below 100 percent of poverty and can provide acceptable proof of income.

Indiana Health Centers’ new “no fee” policy aims to bridge the gap for many patients who continue to be hard-hit by the recession and unable to pay for office visits. What this means is many more of Indiana’s unemployed, uninsured, and underinsured residents will be able to receive the medical and dental care they need, but have not been able to afford.

IHC’s Board of Directors recently approved the “no fee” policy rate change to the sliding fee schedule. Federal dollars were allocated through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

For example, IHC’s new “no fee” policy ensures that a family of four in Grant County with an annual household income at or less than $22,050 would now pay nothing for a medical care visit at the Indiana Health Centers at Marion. IHC’s token fee in the past was $17. To be eligible, clients must provide written proof of income.

“We heard from more and more of our clients that even a token fee was a hardship and prevents them from getting needed health care,” said Lynn Clothier, CEO, Indiana Health Centers. “We believe our IHC community health center network already has the lowest token fee in the state among federally-qualified health centers. This 100 percent discount in fees for eligible clients is simply the right thing to do in these times,” she added.

“Indiana Health Centers has a long record of being the medical home for those who otherwise might not be able to afford health care,” said Laura Medows, Practice Manager, Indiana Health Centers at Marion. “We’re glad we are leading the way with this 100 percent discount on office visit charges for adults and children in our area, living at or below poverty level. We ask that patients check with the receptionist to see if they qualify,” she added.

Indiana Health Centers is a not-for-profit network of federally qualified community health centers serving more than 65,000 patients at 12 locations across the state. Professional staff provides a full range of high quality, affordable medical, dental, prenatal, health education, and preventative care. IHC community health centers are located in St. Joseph, Hancock, Cass, Grant, Jackson, and Miami counties.

About Indiana Health Centers
Beginning services in 1977, as a 501-c-3, Indiana Health Centers serves the medical, dental and wellness needs of more than 65,000 uninsured, underinsured, unemployed and medically underserved patients in Indiana. As a federally-qualified health center network, IHC meets or exceeds all of the federal performance criteria. Indiana Health Centers has grown to include 12 locations statewide, with major health clinics in South Bend, Marion, Kokomo, Seymour, Peru, and Logansport. For decades, Indiana Health Centers has led the state in providing extended hours, bilingual personnel, community-integrated services and field-based programs. It also operates the second largest WIC program (Women, Infants and Children) in Indiana.

Depending on the location, IHC offers medical, dental, social services, eligibility assistance with Medicaid, CHIP and HIP programs, and WIC programs. In addition, sites offer bilingual staff, lab tests done on site, health education and assistance with medications, prenatal care, preventative and wellness care (immunizations and flu vaccinations).


Laura Medows, Practice Manager
IHC at Marion
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