Indiana Health Centers has a board of directors composed of dedicated volunteers that are committed to our mission of providing primary medical and support services to the residents of our communities.  At least 51 percent of our board is composed of members who are also patients at one of our Federally Qualified Health Centers.  The other board members are community residents who bring important and essential skills to the board.  The entire board has the responsibility of providing the direction and support to the Executive Leadership Team to ensure fulfillment of our mission.


  • Rev. James King – Chair
  • Earl Lane – Chair-Elect
  • Maria McCoy – Secretary
  • Mike Busch – Treasurer
  • Stephanie Ball
  • Paul Beltran
  • Dr. Bernie Emkes
  • Vicky Fawley
  • Andy Fountain
  • Andrea Graham
  • Tamara Habegger
  • Cynthia Hernandez
  • Brian P. Kelly
  • David McDonald
  • David Newgent
  • Ayo Ojutalayo
  • Ronald White

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Indiana Health Centers has been providing accessible, affordable health services for more than 30 years. Browse our video library to see and hear our story in action from the perspective of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, legislators, and others.
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