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Better Health Care

Patients. Caregivers. Health care providers. Legislators.

The health care debate has been going on for years, with all sorts of ideas, perspectives, considerations, and disagreements. While others have debated, IHC has innovated by providing high quality primary medical care to those who need it most.

Anyone is welcome without regard to insurance status, income level, race, ethnicity, religion, or citizenship. By serving both insured and low-income patients, IHC is a proven model and a great success story. And we look forward to serving Indiana communities for many years to come.


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October, 02, 2013
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July, 11, 2013

Our Latest Videos

Indiana Health Centers has been providing accessible, affordable health services for more than 30 years. Browse our video library to see and hear our story in action from the perspective of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, legislators, and others.
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